About Me

I am mum to a little girl who is 8 weeks old as I’m writing this! I’m new to this blogging thing so I’d like us to remain anonymous. For this purpose, I’ll be calling my daughter Tulip in the blog, although this isn’t her real name!

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a mum! My husband and I were married at uni so we decided to wait until we were done with uni and had been working for a few years to have a baby. Every time I found out someone else was pregnant, even if I barely knew them, I kept thinking “surely it must be my turn now?!”. Finally my turn came! We were very lucky as I got pregnant 2 months after we started trying. Finally our little Tulip was on the way!

As I had wanted a baby for so long, I had done loads of research before and during pregnancy into what kind of parent I wanted to be and all the baby equipment I was going to need! Through this research I decided to go down what is unfortunately seen as a more alternative route. I use cloth nappies, have a bedside cot for co-sleeping and I wear my daughter in a sling. No, I don’t own a pram of any kind! Hence the name Mum Without Wheels.

I am in no way saying that if you use disposable nappies, do no form of co-sleeping and use a pram that you have made the wrong decisions. I simply want to share my experiences as I get asked lots of questions from other mums and professionals about the way I do things. They are usually just out of curiosity and not being rude. I think many parents often just don’t think of doing things any differently to the norm or think it’s too complicated. I want to show that what I’m doing isn’t so weird and it’s not hard to use cloth nappies and wear your baby!

I hope I can show expectant parents (and existing parents) that there are different options and help them to understand what these are and how it can work. I’d also love to hear from parents who do things similarly to me so I know I’m not alone! But whatever works for your family, as long as you and your baby are happy, that’s great!

Thanks for reading!

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