Keep Britain Breastfeeding – The People Behind the Breastfeeder

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I had great support from my husband with breastfeeding. I think it’s so important to have full support from your partner as they are the person who will be with you the most, especially in the first couple of weeks. I made sure my husband was educated about breastfeeding almost as much as myself because I knew I would want and need his reassurance that things were going well. I also knew I may need him to remind me of things if I was having an emotional moment. I made it very clear to my husband that I did not want him to suggest we give Tulip formula if I was having difficulties. I made sure he knew where the help was too so he could support me to get it if needed.

My husband wasn’t up for writing a whole blog post (he is my blog editor/proofreader!) but I did a mini interview with him to get his views.

What were your thoughts about breastfeeding before I was pregnant?

I hadn’t thought that much about it but figured you’d do it.

Did you think I’d be able to do it? Did you worry at all I wouldn’t be able to do it?

I wasn’t worried I just assumed it would be fine.

What made you have that opinion?

My mum breastfed, I just assumed that’s how you did it.

What advice would you give to other new dads about supporting their partner with breastfeeding?

Make sure you know where to go for support. Get drinks! Be supportive if she has a hard time. Support her choices.

Do you ever feel left out because you don’t get to feed Tulip much? Do you feel less of a bond with her?

No I don’t feel left out, or that I have less of a bond with her. I do look forward to being able to feed her solids though!

How have you bonded with her?

Cuddles, playtime, talking to her, making up songs for her.

What are your thoughts on extended breastfeeding?

I’m undecided. It seems weird but it’s a social thing I guess. I fully believe that at least 18 months is good for the baby but I don’t know about beyond that.


The ways my husband supports me with breastfeeding:

1. He believes in me

2. He brings me drinks

3. He makes sure I only need one hand to eat my meals (even if that means cutting up my food for me!)

4. In the early days when I was finding it tough he would remind me of things we learned (nose to nipple!).He tried to understand what it physically felt like to breastfeed so he could look up more information about if what I was experiencing was normal or if we needed to seek help. Sometimes he would just sit with me while I was feeding so I could have company and not feel so alone.

I will get him on board with extended feeding, especially if I feed our children longer than “normal”. I used to feel the same way he does about it. And he’s right, it is a social thing. People feel weird about it because they see it so rarely and can’t understand why children still need/want breastmilk when they are eating food. I will breastfeed our children until they decide to stop. And I know no matter how my husband feels about it, he will support me. He’d never tell me he thinks I should stop and he would defend it to anyone who made a negative comment.

Other support

I did seek help from a breastfeeding cafe once and I called the NCT helpline once. I think more than anything I just needed reassurance I was doing it right. I was so determined to succeed that I got help when I barely even needed it. But this is better than not getting it at all. My advice to others is really make sure you have support around you, peer support is great. And know where to get help from a breastfeeding expert if needed!


For more on the people behind the breastfeeder please hop on over to Dads Thoughts where you can also gain further entries into the grand prize draw. Full terms and conditions can be found on the Keeping Britain Breastfeeding website. UK residents only.

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