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Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza

I’m back with lots of other bloggers from Positive About Breastfeeding for another blog hop with lots of prizes to be won just in time for Christmas!

I want to talk about my new found love of bed sharing and how compatible it is with night feeds! When I was pregnant (I think even before) I had decided my baby was going to sleep in a bedside cot so that she could be as close as possible to me at night without being in my bed. I knew bed sharing could be done safely but I still didn’t feel very comfortable doing it with a newborn. I’ve always been quite a deep sleeper and moved around a lot in my sleep.


When Tulip was born I finally got to use the BabyBay cot we had ordered at the baby show months in advance and had been set up next to our bed for weeks. I did really like it and Tulip liked sleeping there too. It was good because I felt confident that if I rolled around in my sleep she was safe in her cot but if she needed me I was right there for her. If she woke and just needed my reassurance I could reach my hand over to her and stroke her face or hold her hand. I fed her to sleep since she was born and I could easily put in her the cot after and then go to sleep right next to her. For the first couple months when we were still getting used to breastfeeding I used to have to sit up in bed every time she wanted feeding in the night which unfortunately often woke me up too much. Eventually I got the hang of feeding lying down which greatly helped my sleep! I could just slide her over to me when she woke, feed her, and slide her back. She was big enough for a sleeping bag at this point so she’d stay warm and I didn’t have to mess about tucking her back in.


I had always thought I’d move her into her own room at 6 months but because it’s so easy to feed her in the night when she’s right next to me and I didn’t want to be getting up multiple times a night, she just stayed in with us and I have no new goal of when she’ll be in her own room, I’m just going with the flow! However, as she kept growing I started wondering what we were going to do with her once she got too big for the bedside cot. I considered bed sharing but was still worried I wouldn’t be aware enough of her (even though everything I read said breastfeeding makes you aware enough of your baby to safely bed share). I had fallen asleep feeding in bed on a few occasions so had accidentally bed shared and she was fine. As we were leading up to a 3 night stay at my dad’s house, I got increasingly worried about where Tulip was going to sleep! Days before our stay I ended up borrowing a bed guard from a friend and decided Tulip would be in bed with me. And I absolutely loved it! It was even easier to breastfeed in the night because she was right there, no need to even slide her back and forth. I had one of the best nights sleep I’d had in months. But that was the first night when Tulip and I had the double bed to ourselves. The second night my husband arrived and he said he didn’t sleep well because he didn’t have much space…

So when we returned home I went back to putting her in the bedside cot. A couple weeks later she got a cold and was going through a developmental leap. One night I found that the only way she’d sleep was if I was cuddling her. She’s been in our bed ever since and I love having her so close, I can just feel the secure attachment growing! We’ve somehow made it work for now and my husband is sleeping fine but I do have my eye on a super kingsize low bed! I fully believe now that bed sharing is the best way for the breastfeeding mummy to get a good night’s sleep!


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The code word for the Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza is Ivy. 
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One thought on “Celebrating Breastfeeding Christmas Extravaganza

  1. Glad you’re getting more sleep now, whilst your little one boobs on … win win for everyone. The battle between our heads and hearts sometimes, hey. We know what we’ve been told and try to abide by it, but then our baby needs us as our baby needs us. Of course, we must be careful and not take unnecessary chances, but common sense ought also to prevail too. It took me a long time to get the hang of feeding whilst lying on the side; what a difference it makes, hey. Boob on, mama. 🙂

    #CelebratingBreastfeeding (Glad to finally be getting around to reading and commenting)


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