On the first day of parenting… baby groups!

For the next 12 days I’ll be taking part in another blog circle with some other lovely blogging parents! If you’ve hopped over from DIY Daddy thanks and welcome!

Today’s post is about baby groups during the holiday season. I realised the other day that I don’t regularly attend just a normal baby stay and play group! I’m too caught up with all the other things we do, swimming, sling swing, sing and sign and of course the all important breastfeeding groups! I love dressing Tulip up in Christmas themed outfits and that’s what we both did at our monthly breastfeeding group the other day.


And I had her in the ring sling which certainly made it easier to eat the Christmas party food! Everyone just seems friendlier at Christmas.

One of the reasons I think I don’t regularly attend normal stay and play groups is because I often found that I was the odd one out as a breastfeeding, babywearing, attachment parenting mum. This did feel quite isolating at times and I didn’t feel like I had much to talk about with the other mums as I felt like they thought I was weird. I found my happiness at breastfeeding groups. As breastfeeding mums you immediately have something very important to you in common with each other and I find you always have something to talk about. I also find a lot of my parenting practices go hand in hand with breastfeeding (such as babywearing which leads me to believe the statistic I talked about in a previous post about babywearers being more successful with breastfeeding is true).

I do want to try more baby stay and play groups now though. Now Tulip is older and is actually starting to play more I think I may feel more comfortable in these groups. And sometimes I get so wrapped up in breastfeeding, I think it would be good for me to go to a group that isn’t specifically about that!

In the new year I plan to try one! I think it will be a good time to relax and reflect on the year without my crazy busy schedule of activities over Christmas. I’ll just be enjoying my baby girl’s very first Christmas!

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One thought on “On the first day of parenting… baby groups!

  1. I never went to regular groups for the same reason, it made me feel even more anxious knowing I wasn’t patenting ‘normally’, and now he’s 3 I have chosen a Montessori preschool as it is more like the way we parent and I feel more at ease the school parents won’t look at me like I’m a complete weirdo haha.

    I didn’t have a breastfeeding group near me last time. He self weaned at 23 months shortly before we moved here so I’ll be keen to find one when we have another baby!


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