On the second day of parenting… my list to santa this year

Welcome to day two of #12daysofparenting and thanks if you’ve hopped over from Candyfloss & Dreams! Today is sponsored by babybundle

This year is my first babies first Christmas. I’m excited and look forward to getting the magic of Christmas back I had as a child. However, this is also the first Christmas without my mum. She passed away in June this year when Tulip was two months old after her second battle with breast cancer. This year has simultaneously been the best and worst year of my life. Obviously top of my list to Santa would be to have my mum there for Christmas but I’m having to accept that’s not going to happen.

So my wish is that I can make Christmas just as magical for Tulip as it was for me. And that we can remember my mum and the happy times and not feel too sad on Christmas. Even up until about two weeks before she passed away, my mum and I were talking about Christmas and what we were going to do. I know she wanted it to be special for Tulip and she was looking forward to it. I’ve ordered a Grandma book for Tulip which is a cloth book that I’ve had pictures printed in of Grandma. My hope is that Tulip can look at it and know Grandma. I know she’ll never feel the sadness I do. Which is a good thing. My maternal grandpa passed away a few years before I was born. And while I always wished I’d had the chance to know him, I didn’t feel the sadness I now know my mum must have felt.

I’m determined to make Christmas a happy day while still remembering those no longer with us. I want to start great Christmas traditions for my family!

My mum and my grandpa on Christmas (I think 1950). I love this picture because the look on my mum’s face looks like she’s really excited to see what Christmas is all about and the look on my grandpa’s face looks like he’s really excited to show her what Christmas is all about!

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