On the third day of parenting… renewed love of Christmas

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Today’s posts are all about how becoming a parent has changed the holidays. I have always been a huge fan of Christmas. Growing up it was such a magical time of year. I remember in particular one Christmas Eve when I was about 6 or 7 I had gone to bed and then woke up again at around 11pm. I decided to sneak out to the lounge to see if Santa had been yet. I crept over to the stockings hanging on the fireplace and felt them. There were presents inside! I can still remember the rush of excitement I felt knowing Santa Claus had recently been and put presents in my stocking! I was always so excited to wake up in the morning. I was the one rushing in to my parents room on Christmas morning asking if it was time to wake up yet. I think they ended up setting a rule that we couldn’t get up before 7am! As I got older Christmas was still really special to me. I’d still wake up quite early (I’m a morning person anyway). My dad would usually be up too (he’s a morning person too) and we’d often sit and watch Christmas shows on TV until my mum and sister woke up. One year my sister made muffins for Christmas breakfast and for years now that’s been a tradition where she will make a different kind of muffin every year. We’d sit and eat breakfast first and then open presents.

Last year when I was pregnant at Christmas for some reason the special Christmas feelings weren’t there as much. I didn’t get into listening to Christmas music or watching all the Christmas films I normally watch. I just wasn’t that bothered. I knew a year later I’d have my baby with me for Christmas and I hoped this would bring all the special feelings back! It was the last Christmas with my mum and she didn’t feel well enough to eat Christmas dinner with us so it wasn’t the best.

This year my love of Christmas has returned and as Tulip grows I’m sure it will get more and more magical over the next few years. I want her to feel that same rush of happiness and magic I felt when I crept out to see the stockings all those years ago.


My family always had a live tree so I wanted to carry that on with my children. Because of living in a small flat, having a baby and two house rabbits, we opted to avoid all chaos that would ensue if we put a tree on the floor! We got a tiny live tree and put it on the table with all the presents.

This was the first year in ages I got to go see Santa again and I’m sure that will carry on for years to come!


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