On the fourth day of parenting… our family Christmas traditions

Welcome to day four of twelve! Today’s sponsor is Bambini and Me. Thanks if you’ve hopped over from Candyfloss & Dreams!

As it’s Tulip’s first Christmas, we’re just starting our families Christmas traditions this year. As I said in my last post, for years my sister has made Christmas muffins (or some other kind of baked good) for Christmas morning. She’ll be doing this again this year!

A tradition I’m starting this year is a Christmas Eve box. The main thing in it will be new Christmas pyjamas. I’m also always going to put a Christmas film in that we’ll all watch together as a family on Christmas Eve before we go to bed. I know it won’t mean much to Tulip this year but I think it will turn into a fun tradition as she gets older. I’ll also put hot chocolate in the box to drink while we watch the film, but I’m obviously skipping that one for Tulip this year (although I might have a hot chocolate!). I might also put a little game in to play before the film in future years.

A lot of people do Elf on a Shelf. Instead of this, I’m going to have a kindness elf. I think some aspects of elf on a shelf are quite negative in that the elf watches the children and reports back to Santa. I will not use Christmas and Santa as a bribe and a reason for my children to be “good”. But I do like the idea of the elf doing something different each night. They can leave something to help my children do something kind for someone else.


I want my children to be really excited about Christmas and have traditions that they’ll look forward to and think “oh we do that every Christmas!”. I hope I can come up with more traditions to start as the years go on.

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One thought on “On the fourth day of parenting… our family Christmas traditions

  1. I’m not sure what to make of Elf on the Shelf, I do love the pictures of them up to mischief but I love your idea of a kindness Elf, that’s lovely.

    We’re just starting our Christmas traditions with Rowan, as he was only five months old last year.

    Laura x


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