On the sixth day of parenting… hosting Christmas

Welcome to day six, halfway through! Thanks if you’ve hopped over from The Mummy Balancing Act.

Every year but one since I moved away from home 10 years ago we’ve gone to my parents’ house for Christmas. Last Christmas when I was pregnant we told everyone we wouldn’t be there for Christmas this year (we currently live a 2 hour drive from “home”). Partly because we used to take our two house rabbits with us every year and this just isn’t feasible with a baby too. And partly because I thought it would be nice to have Tulip’s first Christmas in her home.

Before my mum passed away we were talking about Christmas and my family coming. My dad and my sister will still come to us for Christmas. We haven’t got room for them to stay over so they’ll stay in a nearby hotel and come round on Christmas morning.

My husband loves cooking so I think he’ll really enjoy cooking the big meal for everyone. It will be quite casual, not a huge family do so it’s not something we need to stress about! I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the fun and magic of Tulip’s first Christmas while also taking a moment to feel sad about my mum not being there and remembering the happy times with her!

Please hop on over to Having a Baby and Living at Home. I won’t be taking part in day seven as it’s about cooking with kids. At 8 months Tulip is a bit young for that but I’m looking forward to doing some cooking with her next year!

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