This mum has wheels…

So… I got some wheels. Yes me, mum without wheels. I still adore babywearing and am just as passionate about it as ever. I still completely stand by my decision to not get a pram when my daughter was a newborn, I really had no need for it. Newborns need and want to be held all the time. But now with an 18 pound 9 ounce 10 month old, I felt the time was right for me to get a pushchair. I still would never go out without a sling! But sometimes when I’m out all day I thought it might be handy to have a pushchair. I’m not going to use it loads so I just bought one second hand. I also bought it planning for the future. I figure when I have a second baby, Tulip won’t always want to walk and it won’t often be practical to tandem wear. So I can wear the baby and Tulip can go in the pushchair.


First walk out in the pushchair. This is the progression of the realisation I was taking her picture!

It was really important to me to get a pushchair that has the ability to parent face. As with babywearing facing out, being in a pushchair facing out can over stimulate a baby. It’s nice for them to have your face for reassurance.

So keep on wearing and keep on rolling…


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