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Practical Life

I’m trying to follow some Montessori ways of life at home with Tulip. Yesterday was a good day for practical life. I’ve realised lately that sometimes I’m in such a rush to get things done that I don’t have her help me. A big part of Montessori is having the child involved in everyday things. A (nearly) 2 year old is capable of a lot more than some people think. I think it’s important for children to learn how to help around the house and be able to do more and more as they grow. It’s good life skills for everyone to know how to do housework and starting young makes it a normal part of everyday life rather than a “chore”. I don’t believe in giving allowance/pocket money in exchange for housework. I believe it’s something everyone in the family should be helping with as a member of the household. 

I was so impressed with how involved Tulip got when I engaged her on helping with household tasks. The first thing I asked her to do was take all the clean and dry laundry off the clothes airer and put it in the basket. Her concentration amazed me. She made sure she got every single item and put it in the basket. 

Next I put her in her ‘fun pod’ to help in the kitchen. First we baked some cookies. I had her cut the butter with a knife and put it in the bowl. We then made eggs for her dinner and she really wanted to mix them so I gave her a fork and let her do it! She did an amazing job. I’m not worried about her using knives and glass bowls as I always supervise her and we always talk about things being sharp or breakable etc.

I’m annoyed at myself for the times I’ve tried to get her to leave me alone when I’m doing housework/cooking and amazed at her ability to focus. I vow to get her involved as much as possible from now on! We ended the day outside looking at flowers and birds. 


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