Some Pumpkin Messy Play!

Just a quick one to say I’m still here! I know I haven’t written anything in a while, I have so many plans of blog posts to write but finding the time is a different matter. I just thought I’d post about some Autumn themed messy play I did recently. I bought a pumpkin, cut it open and scooped the seeds out. Then I gave the rest to Tulip to explore! She looked at it, touched it and tasted it and I’m sure she could smell it! I also gave her a little metal spoon and showed her how she could make sounds with it on the pumpkin. A true sensory experience! I put down the wipe-able mat I had bought to put under her high chair to catch messes (we have started baby led weaning, I will definitely be writing a post about that soon!). This meant I wasn’t worried about any mess she made as I could just wipe it up when she was done. I also stripped her down to just a nappy and vest so she didn’t get any nice clothes messy! Tulip spent a good half an hour playing with this pumpkin. I just played alongside her and let her explore how she wanted to. This just goes to show how easy it is to set up a play activity that babies will find so interesting and fascinating. Watch this space for more play ideas in the future. Please comment with your simple messy play ideas!

 20151102_164534 20151102_164535 20151102_164549

20151102_164742 20151102_165153 20151102_170137


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